Karoline  Leavitt

Republican Primary Candidate





They said I was too young, we could never raise the money to compete, and that we could never beat a former Republican nominee

– Leavitt's 

Former Trump press staffer

She has past experience and work as press stafer under Trump administration


On age controversy

She says "You don't run for office as a 25-year-old because it is your next step in your career or it is the thing you've been planning for since you were a kindergartener or a college president". She is 25 old.

Leavitt turns 25 in August, making her eligible to serve in Congress by next January.

Gen Z Leader

Gen Z


Gen Z

Says on current culture

She says "I think some of these more progressive candidates are just a reflection of the system that exists and it's the exact system I'm trying to fight against"

Defeated Matt Mowers  

Leavitt defeated former Trump state department official Matt Mowers, 33, who ran for the seat in 2020 and lost to Pappas by five percentage points.